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  • Verify prerequisites for Hadoop packages on linux machines

    This blog contains information related to verifying prerequisites on Linux system while configuring Hadoop packages. The following link contains scripts that can be used to verify prerequisites on Linux machines. This can be used to verify prerequisites on any Hadoop distribution including Cloudera as well as Hortonworks cluster. [root@ip-172-10-109-166 ~]# git clone Cloning into ...
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    How to kill the applications in one shot which are in “ACCEPTED” state of the Resource manager.   for x in `yarn application -list | awk '$6 == "ACCEPTED" { print $1 }'`; do yarn application -kill "$x"; done   e.g. yarn@machine1 ~]$ for app in `yarn application -list | awk '$6 == "ACCEPTED" { print $1 ...
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    Issue: Ambari agent lost heartbeat after JDK upgrade OR while installing a new cluster using JDK 8 agent do not get registered. COMPONENT: Apache Ambari VERSION: All Ambari Versions Details for Agent log: INFO 2018-07-17 15:28:44,399 - agent:hostname_script configuration not defined thus read hostname '' using socket.getfqdn(). INFO 2018-07-17 15:28:44,463 - Ping port ...
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    Remember, This activity will result in Deletion of everything in HDFS. This can help you start or initialize Hadoop cluster from scratch.   1) Stop all Hadoop services from Ambari. 2) Stop any monitoring service on your cluster or outside of the cluster. 3) Start the Journal Node services on all three machines. 4) Login ...
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    You must have read a lot of different ways of installing a Hadoop cluster. This article let you help in removing the Hadoop cluster managed by Hortonworks distribution. On the Ambari node: 1. Stop all ambari related services ambari-agent stop ambari-server stop ambari-server reset 2.Remove packages yum erase ambari-server 3.Remove directories rm -rf /var/lib/ambari-server rm ...
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    This video describes ” How read operation occurs in HDFS”. This video describes “Read operation in HDFS” Cloudscoop Official Cloudera Hadoop Administration Course: Learn free at Official Website: Facebook page: Twitter: LinkedIn:    
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